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Meet the Founders


Targeted Services, P.C. 

After several years auditing nonprofit organizations, managing their financial operations and volunteering on Boards of Directors, Ms. Oppor founded Targeted Services, P.C. in 2002.  Her experiences made it clear that many small nonprofits lack the financial resources to employ a full-time accountant to manage the complex tax and financial reporting rules required of these organizations.  Targeted Services, P.C. fills this role by providing services, training and guidance tailored to each organization’s mission, culture, technology and budget.

After several years working on her own, Ms. Oppor reached out to trusted colleagues to join the firm in supportive roles.  Over time, these individuals helped to develop, improve and sustain the operation.  Today, the firm is a vibrant, stable contributing member of the greater Fort Wayne Community.  Ms. Oppor is profoundly grateful for the dedication, loyalty and unique contributions of Erma Belt, Natalie Dunnuck, Agatha McCarley, Ning Sanderson and Cheryl Spieth gardiner.  The firm wouldn’t be what it is without you.  Namaste.


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Meet the Founders