We RISE Awards

At Targeted Services, P.C., we firmly believe that we rise by lifting others. Many others in our community believe this, too. Each year, we would like to recognize community leaders and founders of nonprofit organizations whose mission or approach to service delivery recognizes human potential and goodness in every person they serve. Award recipients are listed on our website with a hotlink (click on the logo/photo) to the organization’s webpage and receive a cash donation to their organization.


Latinos Count

Preparing Latino youth for global opportunities is the vision statement of Latinos Count, a 501c3 nonprofit based in Fort Wayne.

The organization’s executive director, Steve Corona, believes their focus clearly aligns with regional economic development efforts to increase the number of workers with skills sought by local employers. “Northeast Indiana’s growth plans” said Corona, “must include Latino youth as part of the equation to achieve a regional population of one million citizens.”

The primary focus of current Latinos Count activities is to assist Latino youth with a high school exit strategy. To that end, Latinos Count provides assistance for youth seeking summer jobs, attendance at a prestigious summer workshop at IU’s Bloomington campus, and information about college and careers at fall conferences in Fort Wayne and Warsaw.

Latinos Count also awards college scholarships to high school and college youth.

In conjunction with Fright Night—a Downtown Improvement District family friendly event—Latinos Count also sponsors Dia Fort Wayne. The event—patterned after the Mexican celebration of Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead)—which pays tribute to deceased family members and friends.


Run Hard, Rest Well

Exploring and embracing four rhythms of rest, Run Hard. Rest Well. equips leaders to create a culture of work and rest that is transformational, passionate, restorative, and sustainable. We equip leaders of nonprofits, churches, and businesses to change our culture of overload. This initiative removes the death grip of 24/7 that threatens our well-being, the well-being of our team, and every priority we hold dear. Bottom line, rest is not a reward. You can’t earn it. You don’t deserve it. It’s not a sign of weakness or inability. Rest is a matter of transformational leadership, engagement, and vibrancy.

Brenda Jank, Founder and President, is a visionary leader and champion of rest. Published in the Leadership Journal, and Focus on the Family, among other publications, she speaks to leaders and people of all ages, both nationally and internationally. Learn more at Runhardrestwell.com


Believe In A Dream 



My name is Jamal Robinson, and I am the Founder/Chairman of Believe In A Dream, Inc. Believe In A Dream has a mission to develop the youth in the greater Fort Wayne area in The Arts and Entrepreneurship by creating hands-on learning experiences.

The Organization was founded on the premise that everyone has a dream. Our goal since inception is to encourage youth to pursue their dreams in the areas of the arts and business education.

Our flagship program is The Exploration of Music through Orchestra, which was initially a joint orchestra concert to benefit Northrop and Snider High School orchestras. In 2010, these schools were the only two with full orchestras. Until The Exploration of Music, orchestral programs did not have combined concerts. The purpose of our program was simple: To raise awareness; to raise funds; and to impact the students. Thankfully, with the help of our Program Directors, we’ve gone from 75 students to over 400 students since inception 8 years ago. We also have contributed over $60,000 to support orchestral programs throughout Fort Wayne.

A majority of our success is due to Dean Smekens and Colleen Phillips relentless effort to coordinate and direct the program to new heights each year.

In 2012, we launched our business program, Believe In Your Business. The purpose of this program is to give high school students real world entrepreneurial experience and the opportunity to win seed funding (cash) for their business. Since inception, we’ve funded over 10 ventures and contributed almost $20,000 in funding to high school entrepreneurs.

The success of this program is credited to Steve Franks, Todd Roberts and the teachers at Wayne New Tech High School which has been the primary site for the program.

Believe In A Dream has an outstanding board of directors, friends, family and community partners which continues to make our dream mission a reality. I am honored to serve with them and help make a difference in the lives of the youth of our community.


Fifth Freedom Network

fifth freedom

Fifth Freedom

Christine Dahlberg, Executive Director, Governor’s Council for People with Disabilities; Sheri Caveda, Executive Director; Doug Schmidt, Director of Communications; Betty Beck, Assistant Director (Ret.); Joshua Zeimet, Office Manager; Alan Spaulding, Board President; Cerci, Service Dog (all of Fifth Freedom).


The Fifth Freedom Network is a statewide, grassroots disability advocacy organization founded to tear down walls, both physical and cultural, that hold back people with disabilities from being part of their communities. On the eve of World War II, President Roosevelt outlined the four American freedoms we would be fighting for: Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Worship, Freedom from Want, and Freedom from Fear. The name Fifth Freedom reflects the desire by people with disabilities to also be free, free to pursue the average activities of community life. The Fifth Freedom is ultimately this: Freedom from Exclusion.

Executive Director Sheri Caveda is the driving force behind Fifth Freedom. After a traffic accident left three of her children with permanent disabilities, Sheri quickly became aware of the formidable social and economic barriers that could prevent her children from having the same opportunities in life. In response, she channeled her energies into organizing the first group in northeast Indiana in 1994.

Since then, Fifth Freedom has grown into the premiere disability information resource for Indiana. Fifth Freedom sends over 1.2 million information alerts a year about disability programs, trainings opportunities, special events, voter registration and election information, and time sensitive calls to action.

Fifth Freedom makes disability services easier to find at IndianaPop.org, the largest and most comprehensive disability resource directory in the state. Fifth Freedom also works to connect inclusive employers with jobseekers with disabilities at our employment site, JobDoozy.org.

We work with volunteers and disability groups around the state to bring about change through non-partisan political action, community events and projects, and public candidate forums. Issues we target for change include increasing voter participation among people with disabilities, barriers to disability employment, and home and community-based services.


The Brandon Foundation 

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My name is Caty Holm and I’m the Executive Director/Founder of a nonprofit called The Brandon Foundation, a mentoring/tutoring program where students are shown the power of their potential while supporting them academically and socially.

The Brandon Story:  In 2003, I started teaching at an inner city school in Indianapolis. For eight years, I met many students who taught me the definition of resiliency and hope. It was through my teaching experience that I met a boy named Brandon who taught me the greatest lesson of what it means to “DREAM BIG.” Brandon had a dream to travel to Australia with a leadership group for two weeks. The cost was $6,000, but Brandon wouldn’t let the cost get in the way of his vision.  In eight short weeks, we raised enough money for Brandon to go on his trip. Brandon traveled to Australia, swam with dolphins, and met government officials.  After that trip, it left a burning passion and question on our hearts, “How many other Brandon’s are out there that deserve to see their dreams come true?”

In 2013, we created a program with six core components: character development, educational empowerment, spiritual foundation, talent scouting, service projects, and mentor relationship. Every Monday and Tuesday, our students meet at St. Henry’s Community Center from 4:30-6:30 p.m. where they focus on these six core values, meet with their mentor, and encourage each other to reach their goals.

These six components surround each student with the experiences, support, and opportunities they need to succeed and become world changers.

William Butler Yeats said it best, “Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire.” How can we change the world? Empowering each student to discover their flame and encouraging them to pass it on.


Entheos Hearing Connection


Nora Headshot

Entheos Hearing Connection was born from the belief that sustainable hearing health care can be achieved in underserved areas of the world through a unique blend of committed private practice owners from the United States, committed citizens in the underprivileged communities, and by partnerships with other government agencies, NGOs and non-profit organizations in the United States and around the world.  It is our ultimate desire to build the capacity of the underserved communities so that they can deliver basic hearing health care to their own people.

EHC encourages volunteerism as a part of its model.  EHC operates a hearing aid donation program through private practices around the US that will take in donated hearing devices from the community to be repaired, refurbished, or used for parts. These hearing devices will then be available for use during the Company-sponsored mission trips.

Another core focus of EHC is that our chief purpose on trips is to not only treat patients by fitting them with hearing aids, but also to train local nurses in hearing aid technical skills.  We are currently working on developing curriculum for the trainings.  We look for partners that share our belief in the capacity building of their own people and have plans in place to sustain the hearing aid program.  It is our fundamental assertion that a hand up brings more dignity and opportunity than a hand out.